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Keita Kato & CEO,CMO

Ever since, I can remember, I was always swimming. I swam at Nationals, when I was in high school and University. I had been 23 years with this beautiful sports and I earned a mindset which are competitiveness, unity, and never give up.


After I left swimming, my experience in which I studied a business helped me to have an opportunity to work at a major IT company as a sales and management consultant in Tokyo for two years. I got some confidence in the business field. 


After I quit my job, I had more interest to be free, and I started to do some new businesses but I failed several times. I spent time with my frustrations for a while.


However, the experience from swimming helped me to defeat my anxieties. Now, I am an officer at two companies, learning some experience and knowledge. Then I run our new company “Liberty Life Lab”.

しかしながら、水泳競技で培った精神力で困難を乗り越えながら、現在は2社の会社の役員として経験、知識を蓄えつつ、新たにこの Liberty Life Lab を立ち上げ現在に至る。

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