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Shin Fujii & Industrial Designer, CEO

After I dropped out from Fashion University in Tokyo, I moved to the US and studied in college learning some skills of pottery and bronze casting. The impression of this country were race, culture, thought, everything were chaos for 19 years old guy. Then, it changed my identity for life to be a freedom. 


Invillet lamp/Shin Fujii

The one representative rock band from the 2000’s which is Linkin Park. In the group there are Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, those men studied in Art Center California. That inspired me to study in this school but I broaden my perspective to study in Europe.

2000年代を代表するロックバンドLinkin ParkのメンバーのMike Shinoda, Joe Hahnから影響を受けカリフォルニア州ロサンゼルスにあるデザインスクールの名門ArtCenter Californiaへの進学を目指すも視野を広げようとヨーロッパに目を向けた。

Rigatoni buoy/Sebastian Wong(Ecuador)/Pau Trullas(Spain)/Shin Fujii(Japan)

At age 23, I entered the design school in Milan, Italy called Scuola Politecnica Di Design. I studied at product & interior design course for a year, and after I studied at a master of industrial design. I learned the potential and attractiveness of design. 

23歳でイタリア、ミラノにあるScuola Politecnica Di Designプロダクトデザイン科へ入学しそのまま大学院へ進学、そこでデザインの可能性と魅力を学ぶ。

Yoso modular bed/Huda Al Hamidi(Dubai)/Pau Trullas(Spain)/Shin Fujii(Japan)

Unfortunately, in 2020 end of February, the covid-19 was pandemic in Italy. The whole city was locked down. Then Italy got a lot of economic damages from it and I fully realised there was no guarantee to get an opportunity here also Japan after my school program. So, I made a decision to cancel the internship and run a company with Mr.Kato. Now I am selling and showing products while I am achieving our future goals.


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