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We Liberty Life Lab provides a service to increase the level of customers’ lifestyle. Currently, we are based in Tokyo, Japan and we mainly publish posts about products and sell them on EC websites etc. In the near future, we have an idea to start to do several new projects to explore our business field to the world. Our team members are still around 25 years old, fresh and explosive team. From experiences to being a student in North America, and Middle Europe, we would like show customers our various perspectives by our services to around world.

我々、Liberty Life Lab はお客様の日常生活がより自由になる様サービスを提供します。東京を拠点とした他事業展開を目標に現在はクラウドファンディングや自社ブランドまたは輸入品の販売を中心に活動している20代で結成された若さと勢いのあるチームです。学生時代で得た海外での経験を生かし、この業界に様々なパースペクティブを日本のみならず海外のお客様にも我々のサービスを通してシェアして行きます。

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