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“Solid State Drive” a storage device containing non-volatile flash memory, used in place of a hard disk because of its much greater speed. So here is a copy & paste of the definition of SSD. 


Anyway, until my colleague starts to talk about a SSD, I have never heard this product before. Things that I realized about this product are smart, small, and fast. Then, day by day, capacity gets bigger and size gets smaller. The market field of SSD is really competitive today. 

正直なところ技術的にこれを作るのは生産コストもかかるので不可能に近いのが現実。プロダクトデザインは技術的にもコスト的にも現実味のあるデザインを作りつつ、そこにカオスを生み出す猛者が今日を制する厳し世界である。Oki Sato がその一人、彼が生み出すデザインにはいつも驚かされる。近々、彼に関する記事を勝手に書かせて頂きます。

Those images are my design that I researched a bit about SSD and I quickly built a model on Rhinoceros and rendered it in Keyshot. Tried to minimize functions, smart shape, and smaller scale. The dimension is 30*60*6H. For the CMF, aluminium body and metal perforates on it which releases the heat and project number of reading speed and remaining amount of storage. Currently, we do not have any plans for manufacturing but it is fun to make a model as a hobby. 


By the way, we are dealing with KingDian to sell their products. The KingDian is the company which sells multi types of SSD. We are going to update the details soon. 

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