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Heating and Cooling Cup

It is quite cold these days in Milan and I just organized my closet to switch to autumn outerwear. I feel my summer is gone. At same time, morning tea’s taste is much better day by day. Anyway, we found a good product which you can enjoy with a cold and hot drink with a portable bottle.


Cooling Mode

You can use any season or location, you can have cold and hot drinks. As you guys know, we already have the same kinda tumbler bottle. But, this product can heat up or cool down your drink from an electric source. 


Heating Mode

If you have a plug, you can use wherever this bottle is while you are driving or working in the office. However, I designed a bottle real quick and those images are my results. From the top, there is a lit, cup, and bottom part which it can heat up and cool down the drinks. Additionally, I would like to add a battery inside that makes it possible to carry everywhere you want.


Inside of the cup, you can put 365ml total, dimensions of the cup is 90×240H. It is portable and smart to fit inside of your backpack. The weak point of this idea is the capacity of a cup, so I honestly do not recommend putting water, it is nice to put tea, coffee, and soup, liquor(maybe). If it is possible to contain a battery, it is also a good item for outdoor use. 


For the aesthetics, I tried to minimize the shape and functions. You can put 365ml of liquid and heat up, cool down and be portable. For the CMF, we use stainless for the entire body and finished by powder coating. Also, we made a tap widely and thinner for fitting any size of mouths. On the bottom part of the surface, there are two types of metal perforates which reduces heats from inside. Plus, four rubber legs on the bottom. 


Lastly, we are not going to manufacture this product, as a distributor we are looking for this product. Let us know if you know this kind of product.


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